Has Tyson Fury been punching himself in the head again, or is he just delusional?

Tyson FuryFor those of you who don’t know, Tyson Fury is yet ANOTHER professional boxer who thinks MMA is crap and he’s going to Waltz right in and knock out a champ in his first fight. Fury issued a challenge to Cain Velasquez on January 3, 2013 and has been viciously insulting and pursuing this fight that he seems to think will be a breeze.

Fury is a British boxer that stands 6’9 with an 85-inch reach and a professional boxing record of 21-0 with a reputation for arrogance. He has referenced the size advantage over Velasquez who stands 6’1 with a 77-inch punching range as a “man versus midget” fight in an attempt to goad Cain into a fight.

This isn’t the only desperate insult he’s flung in his tirade that comes off more like a child desperate for attention.

He’s quoted as saying “MMA is bullshit.” As well as informing us that “MMA is for guys who can’t box and just like to wrestle around on the ground.”  I’m not sure what makes a practitioner of such a restricted form of combat sports think that their style is the ultimate form of fighting…which he has said. Sorry buddy, the Marquess of Queensberry’s only answer to MMA was to forbid it. Congratulations on being totally elite at one-third of the sport you’re trying to defeat though.

Cain, like most of us, said he has never even heard of this guy until being called out and that he should enter the UFC and work his way up. He is uninterested in the trash talk or the man that is Tyson Fury.  Sadly, it would seem as though we aren’t going to get to see this boxer put in his place right? Maybe not…

Dana White, a man not known to mince words, responded to the challenge with eagerness. When asked what he thought of the guy, Dana replied “Come on over, we’ll make a deal. You want to fight Cain? Come on over here, you will get smashed.” It would seem it’s time for the bully to put his money where his mouth is.

Like any good bully when someone pushes back, he’s calmed down the trash talk and seems to be backing down unless he can get rich for making good on his own trash talk. In an interview with the UK’s publication The Daily Star on May 7th, his rant ceased to be about proving a point and all about money. He is quoted as saying “I’m definitely interested in a fight but the money would have to be right. I am 100% up for a fight [with Velasquez]. I’ve challenged him to a fight three times, but he’s a little boy that doesn’t want to fight and has said no to the fight on live television.”

Personally, if I wanted to fight a man as badly as Tyson and said all of the same derogatory remarks about the person and the sport, and if I was going there to prove my sport superior I would not care how much I got paid to do so. It’s become quite obvious, in my humble opinion that this guy is just spouting off at the mouth for publicity and to further his career. Well it worked; we now know who he is. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing though, as now we’ll just remember him as the punk who talked a lot of trash and then backed down.

Let me be clear, I have nothing against boxing. I actually like boxing. It is an integral part of MMA. What I don’t care for are boxers who feel as though the two sports are somehow comparable and that MMA practitioners are inferior. That, however, is my humble opinion and until the two step in the cage nothing is proven fact.

A boxing purist, just like any martial arts purist, is a man who is really good at fighting as long as only the tools he possesses in his toolbox are in play. If a striker is taken down, there is no more boxing. Sure, you can punch, but there is no kinetic linking, no dropping bombs like you can with the full body movement that goes into proper boxing technique.  It would be the exact same scenario if an Olympic wrestler came into the UFC and was cocky enough to think that was all he needed. Good luck with that.

Maybe Tyson Fury can ask James Toney for advice on how to dominate in the MMA world seeing as how they both possess the same attitude and both seem to think that they’re going to knock out their opponent as soon as he shoots in for a takedown. Toney’s 3 minute 19 second MMA career was an inspiration for boxing trash-talkers everywhere.

Well that’s the end of my rant on the topic. This is my first blog ever, so feel free to comment and let me know whatever I missed or share your views on the matter. And thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

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