TUF Nations Finale Weigh-in

Tim Kennedy on moving down to Welterweight

Tim Kennedy on moving down to Welterweight: “There’s some major advantages to moving down to 170 and something that we’ve talked about and kicked around a lot, and I can make it” On if he’d like a Yoel rematch: “No I don’t want to fight a cheater again” PLUS feelings on MMA: ” I’m really disappointed at the sport, I’m really disappointed in John, I’m really disappointed in myself. So I’m gonna keep hunting.”

Tim Kennedy was one of the guests on this weeks episode of Submission Radio. Kennedy opened up about his feelings about the “stool gate” incident a couple of months removed, if he’s ready to come back to MMA, a possible drop to welterweight and his frustrations with the athletic commission and Yoel Romero.

Plus Tim discusses a potential Metamoris debut against Sonnen or Griffin and shares his thoughts on Vitor Belfort, fighting Anderson Silva and his favorite gun.

Full interview link- http://bit.ly/14yRDlC

Interview Transcript

On how Tim feels about the Stool Gate incident a couple months removed and if he’s ready to return

“Nah I’m still pissed off, you know. At the sport, at the ref, but most importantly at myself. You know I made a huge mental error in that fight. I thought the fight was over a few different times. I thought I knocked him out when John pulled me off him. And then after I knocked him out I’m sitting there on the stool, trying to figure out what’s going on. You know my corner’s celebrating, the fans are celebrating, I’m like “yeah it’s done, cool”. Continue reading

UFC Fighter Portraits

Renzo Gracie plans on fighting twice in the UFC in 2015

Renzo Gracie plans on fighting twice in the UFC in 2015 “I’m going to try to find at least two matches” on plans to move down a weight class ““Well actually I’m going to be looking at fighting at 155. Yeah because last time I was walking around at 168, so probably will jump in at 155.”

Renzo Gracie was a guest on this weeks episode of Submission Radio. Renzo discussed his up coming match at Metamoris 5, his plans on fighting in the UFC twice in 2015, his move down to light weight and his thoughts of the rivalry between Royce Gracie and Eddie Bravo.

Plus Renzo talks about his feud with Sakuraba, the Gracie concepts not being the same as before and his first professional fight.

Full interview link- http://bit.ly/11jrSn0

Interview Transcript

On if Renzo will be fighting MMA in 2015

Yes, because I’m fighting Sakuraba now. I’m already in shape and then I have to fight Matt Hughes in September. I said “what am I going to do in the middle, die of boredom? No fucking way. Get me some opponents! (Laughs)”

“I’m going to be in shape now and what am I going to do, get out of shape and get back again? No. I’m going to try to find at least two matches in the middle, so (that) I can have my fun and keep my shape up so I can have a great match with my brother Matt Hughes.” Continue reading

Victor Cui

Victor Cui – Founder and CEO of One Fighting Championship

Born in Canada and initially raised in Edmonton, Alberta, the diplomatic work of his Filipino father, Victoriano, would take young Victor Cui to different parts of the world. At age five Victor lived in Ghana, where he had first experience in combat sports when Victoriano built a boxing ring. When he was twelve, Cui’s family returned to Canada where he later earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics, a black belt in taekwondo, and spent four years as a Royal Canadian Navy officer.

Per One FC’s website, Cui founded and later sold a publishing company in Canada prior to entering the sports media industry and did “a post-graduate program with a focus on Asia-pacific business management and an EMBA in luxury marketing.” Cui was in charge of communications for the Canadian branch of the PGA Golf Tour, and he was also a managing editor for a golf publication. Cui briefly entered politics as a campaign manager for a successful Mayoral candidate in Edmonton.

Cui moved to Singapore and joined the then named ESPN Star Sports, a network which provides sports programming to 24 countries in Asia. ESPN Star Sports was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and News Corporation. Cui spent six years with Star Sports’ Event Management Group division where he studied sports and how to increase their revenue. Continue reading