Hector Lombard on Johny Hendricks

Hector Lombard on Johny Hendricks “He’s just a blanket” On crazy sparring sessions ““Mark Hunt, he was trying to knock me out one day. He couldn’t.”

Hector Lombard returned to Submission Radio for a wide ranging interview on this weeks episode of Submission Radio.

Hector discussed the controversy around Hendricks being passed up for a title shot  calling him a “blanket” “Remember, at the end of the day this is entertainment. If you’re just gonna be a blanket, no one wants to [see you fight], especially the Australian card. Australians, they want to see the toughness. It’s such a big event. They don’t want to see a blanket.” Hector asks Kacper if he knows what a blanket means. Kacper responds:* “It’s what you would call a fighter that relies heavily on takedowns.” *Hector responds* “Right, right [they] just stay there and whatever.” *Kacper says*And you would feel that’s what Johny Hendricks did in the second Robbie Lawler fight, correct?” *Hector responds* “And he did it after with the other fight [Matt Brown]. He’s just a blanket.”

Although Lombard didn’t think Condit was a “blanket” he still isn’t giving him much of a chance against Robbie Lawler “Robbie’s gonna smash this guy. Robbie’s gonna smash him. Robbie’s gonna smash Carlos.”“He’s [Robbie Lawler] just tougher. He’s a tough guy. I mean he, imposes his will.”

It seems like Lombard has his sights set on MacDonald when he returns to the UFC in 2016 and his animosity towards Rory stems from the fact that he called Lombard out during a difficult period where he can’t fight “I mean everyone is calling me out now, man. I love that, but what I don’t like is I was like a year without a fight because they didn’t wanna fight me. Now everyone wants to fight me. Hopefully next year when I come back in a few months I still have all these offers and everyone wants to fight me.” Hector see’s the fight with Rory MacDonald as an exciting match up “It would be an exciting fight. I mean, I like to stand up and bang. I see myself putting it on him anywhere the fight goes.” However when asked about if he think’s MacDonald has been affected by the beating he took against Lawler in his last fight he answered simply “You might see a blanket.” Continue reading Hector Lombard on Johny Hendricks

Bellator 141: Guillard vs. Girtz

Bellator 141 had short notice changes when a heavyweight bout between Lorenzo Hood and Raphael Butler was cancelled. Hood suffered a knee injury backstage, which elevated the Arlene Blencowe/Marloes Coenen fight to open the televised main card. Blencowe out-punched Coenen in their initial stand-up encounter. Coenen took down Blencowe with a double-leg, then side-control. Coenen took control of Blencowe’s back and maintained the position with a body triangle while attacking with punches. Blencowe managed to get Coenen off her back, but remained in the crouched position under pressure. Coenen obtained back control again.

Coenen landed right leg-kick to Blencowe’s left. It escalated to an exchange of punches, with Blencowe again landing the most. Blencowe defended against a takedown by Coenen. Coenen grabs her waist and pulled her to the ground, then went for an arm-bar on Blencowe’s right arm. Blecowe pulls her arm out and stood up. On the feet, a failed throw by Coenen lead her to fall to the ground. On the feet, Blencowe again got the better of the punching. Coenen gets a double-leg takedown, attacks Blencowe’s left arm with an arm-bar. Blencowe resisted until her arm was extended and she submitted.

Cristiane Justino’s name was mentioned during the broadcast. Invicta Fighting Championships’ featherweight titleholder won it when she beat Coenen in 2013. Justino also defeated Coenen to defend the Strikeforce featherweight title in 2010. Coenen said she would fight Justino a third time, in reaction, Justino said she is open to the idea. Continue reading Bellator 141: Guillard vs. Girtz


The new breed of MMA. The signing of fighters in the UFC this young is hardly new but it’s ushering in a new wave of young dynamic fighters who train in all facets of mixed martial arts. Northcutt (5-0) is fresh off a submission victory last Friday at Legacy FC 44. In five professional fights, Northcutt has been out of the first round once but has finished all five opponents. Northcutt is set to make his UFC debut at UFC 192 against Francisco Trevino (12-1, 1-1 UFC) October 3rd in Houston, Texas.

Northcutt fights out of Gracie-Barra Katy in his hometown of Katy, Texas. His camp use to be the home of current UFC woman’s bantamweight Lauren Murphy. His UFC debut will be sort of a homecoming for Northcutt. The UFC’s newest welterweight is a former point Karate and kickboxing champion who was sort of a child celebrity on the traditional martial arts scene. Training since he was five and a black belt in karateka by age 8, Northcutt has graced magazine covers, done photo shoots, and even appeared in a couple of episodes of the Hanna Montana spin-off series Moises Rules!

After going 5-1 as an amateur, Northcutt turned pro in November of last year. Now immediate comparisons will be made between Northcutt and former UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida due to the karate background. While he’s not Machida-esque, his base style resembles Machida’s more than any other fighter. He keeps a wide base out of an orthodox stance, and tends a favor a kick heavy game from range. Continue reading MMA PROSPECT WATCH: SAGE NORTHCUTT