Chris Leben

Chris Leben shares never before heard story about Brian Stann fight

Chris Leben shares never before heard story about Brian Stann fight “I got blackout drunk the day before weigh ins” on still wanting to fight Josh Koscheck fight “I’d probably fight him right now if they’d set it up, you know. I think it’d be a good fight honestly.” PLUS thoughts on UFC not having a retirement fund and more

Chris Leben stopped by Submission Radio to discuss life after retirement, why he would still fight Koscheck and his thoughts on why UFC fighters struggle financially after retirement.

Plus Chris shares a never before heard story about him getting “blackout drunk” two days before his weigh ins with Brian Stann.

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On if Chris has moments when he flirts with temptation to go back in the ring one last time

“I do. I mean anybody, if they told you they didn’t they’d be a liar. I mean to some extent I do, you know and I know if I knew that I could fight and that I would win 100% of the fights that I was in, I might actually do it, but then I also remember how hard a training camp really is. You know, every training camp takes a little bit out of you, you know”

“All the work that I have to go through, what my relationship has to go through with all the sacrifice, putting all the time in the gym, being tired all the time, you know. Continue reading


Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal on Rampage Jackson

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal on Rampage Jackson “Just by looking at him I don’t think his hearts in fighting. I think that after fighting me, I think that he knows he ain’t beat me and I don’t think he wants to fight anymore.” thoughts on MMA pay “MMA is not really a true sport ,because in a true sport the people that win with game plans, regardless if it’s a lay and pray win or a wall and stall win, they still get acknowledged”

Muhammed Lawal stopped by Submission Radio before his fight at Bellator 123. King Mo spoke about Rampage Jackson, Scott Coker , MMA pay, Brock Lesnar, MMA Judging and his up coming fight.

Plus his thoughts on TNA losing their Spike TV deal, if he would ever go to the WWE and why he chose to leave Pro Wrestling for MMA.

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On opponent change for Bellator 123

“Well here’s the thing, the opponent change don’t matter ’cause whoever’s gonna fight me, I’m fighting to knock ‘em out. I promote violence, so I’m trying to go out there and do my damage and win the fight, you know what I’m saying? Promote violence.”

On what King Mo learned from the Rampage fight

“Well going into that fight, the things we worked on, everything we worked on got thrown out the window because I was slipping. like my stand up, I couldn’t keep my footing, my shots, I couldn’t shoot. Like I could shoot if he came forward, but it was just awkward because every time I’d shoot, and I gotta check at the corner, I would slide off of him. So the things I worked on I couldn’t really implement.” Continue reading

Ed Soares

Ed Soares on Anderson Silva dealing with Nick Diaz’s trash talk

Ed Soares on Anderson Silva dealing with Nick Diaz‘s trash talk “I think he’s prepared to deal with that but I honestly believe that Nick Diaz is going to take a different approach” and Lil Nog update “I believe that we’ll see him again without a doubt.” “He’s just gonna have to get back on that horse sooner and get back in there and fight”

Ed Soares stopped by Submission Radio to give us the latest updates on Anderson Silva, dismiss rumors that he will be going down to Welterweight and let us know that Lil Nog is along way away from being done with MMA.

Plus truth about Steven Seagal, Anderson’s motivation and thoughts on Nick Diaz talking trash.

Full interview link- (Begins at the 33 minute mark)

What attracted Anderson Silva to the Diaz fight

“Well I just think it’s just a fight that makes sense. I mean, arguable these guys are two of the best boxers in Mixed Martial arts, they both wanted to fight Roy Jones Jr, you know they’re both coming off two loses, they both have been out of the ring for over a year, so it’s just a fight that makes sense.”

How Anderson is doing after his horrific injury

“I think he’ll be back and he’ll go as far as he wants to apply himself to. I think if anybody can come back from an injury like this and come back and put that title around his waist again, if anybody in the world can do it it’s Anderson Silva. “ Continue reading