Bermudez on Connor McGregor

Dennis Bermudez stopped by Submission Radio to discuss his plans to “crush” Clay Guida in their up coming fight at UFC on FOX.

Dennis also discussed his dislike for Connor McGregor, a potential fight with Frankie Edgar and thoughts on deserving a title shot next.

Full interview- ( Interview starts at at 7:33)

Thoughts on Connor McGregor and his hype

“I really don’t care what he’s doing. He can run his mouth all he wants, and I actually, my hat slightly goes off to him to be able to created the buzz that he’s created around himself. I’m almost slightly jealous, you know. I’m on a 6 fight win streak and no one’s talking about me and this guy has two fights in the UFC and hundreds of thousands of followers you know, just because he talks a crazy game, but that’s not why I got into fighting. I didn’t get into fighting to, you know have a WWE performance, I got into fighting to beat people up and really show my dominance”

If Dennis plans on calling out Chad Mendes or Jose Aldo after beating Clay Guida at UFC on Fox

“In my head I plan to totally crush Clay Guida, whether I submit him or knock him out, I would  like to scream for a title shot. I think I deserve it, you know 7 wins in a row, knocking off a top 10 opponent by stoppage I think puts me out there definitely for a title shot. But if I just squeak by him I’ll let the UFC do their job and just match me up with whoever they want me.” Continue reading

Vitor Belfort

Tim Kennedy on Vitor Belfort

Tim Kennedy was a guest on Submission Radio. Tim spoke about Vitor Belfrot, drugs in MMA and why he think Belfort can’t return to his best with out TRT. Tim also discussed his up coming fight with Yoel Romero, how he matches up with Chris Weidman and what it’s like training with Overeem at his camp.

Full Interview-

Interview Transcript Below

On fighting Vitor Belfort knowing that he may be using PED’s

“I love fighting and I definitely subscribe to the “I’ll fight anybody, anywhere, anytime” thing. So would I have fought Vitor? They asked me to fight him, and I said yes. They asked me to fight him in Brazil, and I said yes. They asked me to fight Vitor Belfort at 205 in Brazil, I said yes. And then I asked if we could do any anti-doping stuff, and they said no. So not only would I be fighting Vitor Belfort in Brazil, while he’s on steroids, at a weight class that I shouldn’t be fighting at, so yes obviously you can look, it was publicized, he was the one who said no, or his manager said no, whatever. So yeah, I would have fought him, I even said I would fight him, but the levels of how long and idiotic that is, that I’m the one who has to go to Brazil to fight him, no he won’t take any steroid tests for VADA, and I have to fight him at 205, it’s like crazy talk, but I said yeah” Continue reading

Campbell McLaren

Campbell McLaren “Sorry”; MMA’s State in New York

“Who Lost Albany?” was asked in a prior examination of the events leading up to New York’s February 1997 l ban on professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The ban came a few months after it was legalized in October 1996. It was a New York Times article by Dan Miller which explored why the sport was made legal despite popular political opposition.

If Campbell McLaren is correct, it was another New York Times article (written by Richard Sandomir) which first caught the attention of major MMA opponents in 1994, and brought negative scrutiny to the sport from the likes of U.S Senator John McCain, and then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City. Senator McCain became the most famous opponent of the “No Holds Barred” sport.

McLaren, CEO of Combate Americas, was in charge of marketing and produced many UFC events when it was a part of Semaphore Entertainment Group. As he did prior to UFC 1, he emphasized the violent potential in UFC fights, with quotes about potentially gruesome outcomes. Continue reading