Bisping believes Rockhold

Bisping believes Rockhold won’t stand with him

Bisping believes Rockhold won’t stand with him ““I think he’s gonna try and take me down.” plus thoughts on Rockhold submitting him “He couldn’t do anything. He can’t reverse triangle, he couldn’t reverse a car, let alone reverse a triangle on me.”

Michael Bisping and Submission Radio took a moment about have a chat about UFC Fight Night 55 and lots more.
Bisping discusses his fight with Luke Rockhold, his role as a “villain”, his belief that Rockhold will take him down and his thoughts on Rockhold submitting him.

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On Rockhold underestimating him

“Rockhold’s in a lot of trouble. He’s underestimating me, I’m not underestimating him. I know he’s a tough opponent, I know he’s a tough fight. He’s got legit skills, he’s got good power, he’s great on the ground, he’s got decent wrestling and he comes from a good camp. That spells a tough fight, you know. He alternatively, thinks he’s just gonna walk right through me and the guy is delusional. He’s crazy.”

“I get under his skin and I tell you what, I get such a kick out of it ’cause I just know his blood is boiling, and I love it”

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Rockhold on Jacare

Rockhold on Jacare “I believe I can probably finish him this time”

Rockhold on Jacare “I believe I can probably finish him this time” plus thoughts on Bisping running from his bet “Don’t be scared homie.”

Submission Radio caught up with Luke Rockhold and had a chat about his fight with Bisping, how he plans on finishing him, why he thinks Bisping is a “prick” and his plans on beating Jacare next.

Plus Rockhold shares his plans on planning not to train jiu jitsu or wrestling for this fight.

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Interview Transcript
Luke comments on Bisping saying he will take their fight to the ground

“There’s nothing in me that wants to take it to the ground. I just wanna beat him up”

“I was like, I’m not even going to train Jiu Jitsu or wrestling for this fight, you know? I’m pretty much just going to go pick him apart on the feet. I’m so much better than him there. He’s a mechanical fighter and just doesn’t have any power, and I’m gonna be more fluid. I’m gonna cut him off, I’m gonna be more technical, I’m gonna have better footwork and I’m gonna hit a lot harder than him, and I’m gonna put everything on him, and it’s gonna be all stand up for one whole round, or not even one whole round.” Continue reading


Heated exchange of words breaks out between Bisping and Rockhold after press conference

Breaking News: Heated exchange of words breaks out between Bisping and Rockhold after press conference. Bisping to Rockdhold “Who the f%@k have you knocked out?” Full video inside

Submission Radio were on at hand at UFC Sydney to capture a heated change between Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold that broke out during the photo op after the UFC Fight Night 55 press conference.

Click below to view the full video caught by Submission Radio featuring Bisping and Rockhold having a very intense exchange of words.

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