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The state of Bellator…..

The state of Bellator is a hot topic right now, but not enough is to be said about some of the good things happening!

We all know Scott Coker, former CEO of Strikeforce, which was bought and dissolved by Zuffa(UFC) and also brought a lot of talent and diversity to the UFC!! Thus making Coker’s job very difficult!

Scott has a lot of connections all over the world! So, getting back on the scene and making things happen is already in the works. He has been bringing in a lot of names of the future, of now, and of the past to grow this organization and give it some much needed flavor! We are talking about names like Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Stephan Bonnar, Joe Schilling and Melvin Manhoef, some fighters, some PR and Promotional!

We are coming up on the last of the tournaments……which i know a lot of you will miss the tournament style card and seasons. Some of you wont! I can say i’ve enjoyed Bellator, but for me it always needed a boost, even fighters have come out to say that, because of the tourney style, they are on the shelf too long, and want to fight more. Which for an up and comer, this is horrible! But a bigger, well paid name in Bellator it wasnt so bad. So some fighters were really forced to deal with it or leave. i am personally happy with seeing the tournament style of competition go! To me, if its going to be a tournament, let it all happen in one night, like back in the early days of MMA! Continue reading

ONE Fighting Championship

ONE Fighting Championship – 20 Events Later

“With 90%+ market share in Asia, ONE Fighting Championship is Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization,”

ONE Fighting Championship: 20 Events Later

Months before ONE Fighting Championship held its first event at the 12,000-seat Singapore Indoor Stadium on September 3, 2011, tickets reportedly sold out soon after it was first announced. Before the implementation of its first live event, ONE FC had described itself as the “Largest Asian MMA Organization in History.”

Headquartered in Singapore, One Fighting Championship is the creation of its President and CEO, Victor Cui. ONE FC is “backed by a very successful group of serial entrepreneurs” according to an interview Cui did with Wall Street Journal Asia. Cui was a sports network executive with ESPN Star Sports (now Fox Star Sports), which provides programming to 24 countries in Asia. With a prior and extensive relationship with the network, which included studying how to increase revenue in different sports, Cui was able to get “ONE FC 1: Champion vs. Champion” televised by Star Sports, and aired locally on Singapore’s Media Corp Channel 5. The event was streamed worldwide for free on ONE FC’s website.

In January 2012, ONE FC made a 10-year agreement with ESPN Star Sports to broadcast ONE FC events to 24 Asian countries. Continue reading


End of MMA in 2014

UFC has had some rough times in 2014 with PPV sales!

But at least within the next few months to exit this year we will have some great fights coming up!! Lets take a look!!!

Around the corner with Aldo vs Mendez, Davis vs Teixeira, Maldonado vs Hanstringer, some great match ups at UFC 179!!

Aldo vs Mendez should have big eyes on it!! Mendez in a great camp, and coming off some great wins, shows to still be a great challenger for the champ!

October 31st doesnt have much to say for itself other than Titan Fighting Championships 31! Although not a show stopper, it has some good well known talent and could provide fireworks!!

UFC FN Shogun vs Manuwa looks promising!!

Starting this card is Leandro Silva vs Charlie Brennaman

Great fight! Nice starter fight, but what is left? Continue reading